Friday, 30 November 2012

The Motherland

Recovering from the worst toilet; changing mask show; new pearl earrings for only 100 RMB (around $16 AU!); cute and happy village children; GIANT PANDA; coldcoldcold; watching good-looking guys dance; taking a photo with a grandma; waiting in line for smelly toilet; CUTE POODLE; $$$; the most beautiful place I've been to; STRAY PUPPY; hingis = creep; snowy mountains; taking photo with old dog; templeee; shadow puppets; BABY PANDAS; China = best natural scenery
Heyheyhey! I am back from my 7 day holiday at various locations in the Sichuan Province (CHINA) Man it was cold and tiring but it was really a great experience (both in a good and bad way) What's more surprising is the cost of the entire tour. Want to take a guess? I bet you won't get it. Here are the deets: all meals are included, 6 nights of 5-star hotels, beautiful locations with breath-taking scenery, giant panda sanctuary, famous landmarks, 2 local shows and loads of shopping districts. Okay, I'll tell you. $99 per person (not including plane tickets..obviously). AW YEAHHHHHHH. Don't believe me? Join and you'll see how amazing the deal is! SRS :D

Okay, enough advertising (not intentional) If I were to type out everything me, Hingis and dad did on the tour, it would take many days. So I've summarised everything I learnt into 2 lists: serious points and funny points (not sure if that makes sense but I ceebs thinking about other adjectives)

  • signs of devastation from the 5/12/08 Sichuan earthquake are still very clear today (e.g. collapsed bridges everywhere, mountain and building rubble scattered all over the place, and crushed cars still haven't been touched)
  • the highest mountain in China (excluding the Himalayas) is over 5000m tall!
  • there are over 50 different ethnic groups in China
  • a specific Chinese tribe (Geurng Tribe) are excluded from the One-Child Policy in China because more than half it's people died during the '08 earthquake
  • learnt some information I didn't know about Buddhism
  • it costs $1300 RMB to hold a 2-3 month old giant panda. $1300 !! :O That's roughly $200. And dad said, before we found out, that he would let me hold one if it was max $300 RMB D:
  • OKAY, THIS IS A LEGIT IMPORTANT POINT. TIBETAN-CHINESE/SICHUAN CHINESE MEN ARE HOT. Especially this one dancer I had an eye on during the first dance performance. Seriously man, he looked exactly like Kim Bum but with bigger eyes *__* At one point, he was standing right in front of me before the perf but I didn't take a photo with him cos I thought there would be photo opps after. I was wrong. Okay, enough about him..LOL JK

Taken by dad, sorry about blurriness but he was far away :(
  • Chinese people legit do not know how to line up for anything. Including bus and toilets. The three of us already raged about it in China but seriously, they are unbelievably rude and just push past you as if you're not even there. They even rushed into the bus while the bus was still going at normal speed. Not cool man, they could've died. 
  • Chinese people spit and smoke a lot. Eugh
  • The first toilet we went to was literally the hell of all toilets. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but it was pretty bad. We even had to pay to go in, but me and hingis were really busting so we had no choice. Basic features: long line, smell of the dead, no doors, 1 metre wall separating each person, squatting. Ok no more, it was just horrendous.
  • There are so many stray dogs in China! Everywhere we went, there was a random dog walking near us. The first one we saw kept on hugging our legs (innocent thoughts only guiz) It had the cutest puppy eyes D:
Okay, that was a long read but seriously, the boys over there in China (not all, but some) are pretty good-looking..until they suddenly pull out a cigarette and light it/make that horrible sound with their mouth followed by spitting. HOHOHO, I made too much eye contact with them. Man I'm a creep.

One week down, six more weeks to go! Dad made a last minute tour booking for 3 days next week..not sure where but hopefully I can walk a lot to burn fat so I can eat more when I come back! 

Don't worry, I'm not a sumo wrestler yet! :D

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Gaining Weight for Hong Kong and Saying Goodbye

With one day left until the big trip, I am proud ashamed to say that I've gained weight instead of losing it. WELL, I haven't weighed myself in a while (too scared) but I can assume that by the amount of food I've gone out to eat this past week, despite the increased amount of exercise I've undertaken since the HSC ended two weeks ago. On that note, I can't believe it's only been two weeks since Chemistry..TIME IS MOVING SLUGGISHLY SLOW. 

Just to summarise all the outings:

Jamie's Italian; photo taken with SES platypus; menu at Jamie's Italian; Our Famous Polenta Chips; Crispy Squid; Prawn Linguine; Black Angel Spaghetti; Wild Rabbit Tagliolini; jen, me, kat and db; polaroids from db's camera

Won Jin BBQ; me, judip and jen; spicy hot tofu soup; tranny and db; fried dumplings; jajangmyun; sweet and spicy fried chicken; noggi; seafood stir-fried rice cake hot pan; eating fro-yo 

Harry's Cafe de Wheels @ George St; Harry's Tiger; Hot Dog de Wheels; me and kat; pidgeon; us being ourselves; birds errwhere; dat slant; brown pidgeon aka shivdawg
I hope Cathay Pacific serves nice plane food. I remember back in the olden days, Qantas gave out free unlimited cups of instant noodles. SO GOOD. Never hungry. I wonder if they still have them today..

Ok, this is probably the last blogpost I'll do before I leave for China. But I'm bringing my laptop so it's all good :D Man, I'm going to miss out on so many close friends' birthday :( Sorry Banh, Chungy, Rak, Yapster and Potato Andy. I'll try my best to somehow send all of you birthday messages! Can't believe you guys are turning 18 man..we're all getting old so fast. I really do wish you all the most wonderful 18th and that you'll act responsibly ;) Well, I know that Banh is already drinking every night (confessed in google hangout last night) LOL

To be honest, I would never have expected to have an actual blog. This is practically a one-person blog right now since Hingis is too lazy to blog :L And I can't believe it's actually lasted this long! Hehe, I know this is cheesy but I'd like to thank my followers and viewers on supporting me by reading this bore of a blog :3 hehehe

I guess this is farewell then!

Unless..I get bored in HK and blog. Nah, my fingers would be too chubby and fat by then to actually type anything. Hohohoho

Friday, 9 November 2012

I am as free as the wind

First activity I did as a free woman? Watch 'Looper' at Livo Westies with Shane, Tracey, Julia, Thomson N, Thomson T, Victor, Wilson, Andrew, Chungy, Henry, Wendy, Alan, Chau, Danielle, Diem and Mary. Was it epic? It was so epic! Even though the ending was a bit predictable (not gonna spoil it for you Tranny, don't worry) my love for JGL has seriously grown. His acting was superb, reminded me EXACTLY of Bruce Willis. If you haven't watched it yet, GO WATCH IT! It is non-stop action, random bits of romance (really random I must add) and also a lot of laughing!

In other other news..


Well, my HSC finished on the 6th Nov, but I've been too lazy/busy/just not bothered to have a comeback post! Since I last posted, SO MANY things have happened. Ice-cream making in physics with liquid nitrogen, quad party, boarder vs daygo (which the boarders won btw), cross-dressing, graduation, year 12 formal and of course, the HSC. These past few weeks have been filled with laughter, tears and screaming; a complete whirlwind. 

That's just a collage which I made of all the main events that had occurred in the last 2 weeks of school. They are definitely memories I'll never EVER forget :) Good thing I always have my camera with me aye? To capture such amazing moments! :'D Ok I'm going to give in to my urge to type out a dedication to the wonderful group of people who I'm proud to call my peers and who will always be known as: HAHS CLASS OF 2012 

My dear cohort, even though I've only been graced with your presence since the start of year 10 (3 years in total!), you guys have opened my eyes to how amazing and loving the world can be. Each and everyone of us are tied together by the Hurlstone spirit and your endless enthusiasm to all the school events and our self-organised Year 12 parties (Wendy's mexican wave, art quad party etc) always warms my heart! I'm so glad I chose to take that dreaded Hurlstone exam (and smart enough to get in) because if I hadn't, I probably would have never met any of you and make such close and caring friends that have seriously changed my life! I wish everyone all the best for the rapidly approaching future. You guys have worked so hard to achieve the best in life, so I have no doubt you'll go far! I sincerely hope that I'll remain close with the majority of you, but of course we all know, that it is inevitable that we'll lose contact. BUT NEVERTHELESS the memories I've made will help me through those tough times! 

Yaaaay, well that's the emotional stuff done. HEHE.

Last night, the wonderful Stella Ko treated her UMAT crew (Me, Kitty, Michael D, Chau, Banh, Kenny, Thomson T, Diem, Mary and Alan) to a delicious (and hopefully not too expensive) dinner at Atom Thai. I forgot to take photos of the dishes before everyone started eating..but I took a before and after shot? HAHA

The food was absolutely yumyum and the cake afterwards was the right about of chocolate :9 Thanks again Stella! :D 

Well, I need to go walk the dogs and burn as much fat as possible before leaving for Hong Kong in less than 2 weeks! I'll blog as much as I can from now on. OMG SO MUCH FREEDOM. Before/During the HSC, I frequently said "Okay, I need to stop doing this, I need to study now" and now it's "Okay, I need to stop doing this, and blog/play with the iPad/watch shows" YAAAAAAY :D

Friday, 5 October 2012


Ok this is going to be short cause i don't like writing......
First we brought the mice back to the pet shop cause of 'smelliness' and 'uselessness'. Then we bought a cat named couper. OK LET THE PICTURES BEGIN!!!!
WHat you looking at


Sooooooooooooo soooootttthhinnnnggg


Hey whats that

Dont look into the light

Exploring new place

meeting new friends


*sigh* another lot

weeeee i can pick myself up!!!!!

Eat straight away

RUNNNNNNN (on the poop ridden wheel)

Who are you


PLaying with new toy


whut you looking at

They love grass
THough the mice seem to be already sold . The birds have a new toy and the cat is growing more used to us. WIN WIN FOR EVERYONE!!!!!
But what about the dogs.......
Lets just say they are busy HAHAHAHAHAHa might have new additions soon
Oh yeah this is the first blog post after china. Sorry won't blog about that cause too long OR MAYBE if enough people comment or tell joki to tell me to write about i will. OK BYEBYE NOW

Thursday, 6 September 2012

you say love is blind, but baby you're so blind

Here I am blogging while half the grade is having the time of their lives at Trivia Night :(

Well, believe it or not, but it's already been 2 weeks since Mum and Hingis left so yes..


Seriously, I am so excited and happy for tomorrow right now, for multiple reasons:

1. I can finally eat proper food
2. I can finally have someone close-by to gossip with
3. I can finally receive all the amazing gifts they bought for me in China
4. I can finally concentrate more on studying (slacked off so much once Mum left)
5. I can finally hear all the scary, funny and embarassing stories I'm pretty sure Hingis has to share
6. I can finally get back home at 3:30PM and not 4:00PM (more time to eat)

The downside? I have to go back to sleep in my own bed. Which means, I have to clear up the mountain of textbooks and notes on the bed. Also, it would probably feel like I'm sleeping on a hard rock compared to my mum's bed :( OH WELL, at least they'll be back! :)

I still haven't filled in my UAC application yet D: Now that Medicine is definitely out of the picture (not saying this because I have no confidence in myself, but because I got told off by someone to think more realistically), I really have my fingers crossed for Optom at UNSW. If not that..then most likely Advanced Science, majoring in Vision Science. So as you can see, I really want to get into Optom. I actually wouldn't mind becoming a Primary School teacher, I love children! But dad says there aren't many "rich" asian boys who study Primary Education and so I should stay close with my Medical friends so I get invited to their parties and meet hot doctors LOL (my parents are a tad crazy) Pretty sure they were joking anyway. 

Aw man, why do they have to make 17/18-year-olds decide their own future. 

Well, there's roughly 2 weeks until Graduation.


As much as I want this HSC nightmare to end, I don't want to graduate from high school. Do you know how sad my life would be, in the first few months after graduation? VERY SAD. Just the thought of not seeing my wonderful grade every, single day is sickening. And I'm not being cheesy here, but I would be a totally different person if it weren't for my peers of HAHS Class of 2012. AW MAN, getting emotional here. Better stop, tonight is durian night and I better not ruin it with my tears.

I've been getting into a lot of James Morrison songs lately. HIS VOICE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. When I look for male song artists, most of them have a husky-ish voice. Don't know why, but I guess it gives their songs character.

On an end note..

^ I've had this song on repeat for the last few days. Check out the MV :D

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Haven't blogged for a while. I thank you all for I got heaps of views on my cool guys hahahahahahah!!!!!! I will forever use joki for advertising. ANYWAYS back to the topic

Chilling out on head

I don't wanna write that much. I don't know how joki types so much words when I took forever to write this sentence. SOOOOOOOO...... LOng story short.
What you looking at
1.GOT A CUTE BUDGIE!!!!! THe guy said if we wanted another blue budgie we would have to wait a week so we decided to do that cause blue is pretty. Apparently these budgies are rare. They cost $30 But are well worth it. Cause this budgie was so affectionate, it would rub its head on your cheek and once I swore it said hello back when i repeated hello many times. It is male and is called JURTJURT bird bird in chinese. Kinda weird but my mom thought of it.

2. HOMECOMING!!!!!! 2 new budgies  who are sisters coming home.YAYYYYYYYY
3.JURT JURT all alone staring at mirror
  3. When they came home it was a sight to see. WOOOOOOO THey were so happy and jurt jurt wasn't alone anymore so happy ;']
BUT THEN DUNDUNDUNNNNNNN...... JURT JURT hurt his foot somehow sooooo sad..... HIm chilling out on grasss responding to bird calls recorded on camera.

When jurtjurt looking at mirror joki secretly flipped it and took a pic
Jurt jurt loved looking at the dogs even though Cadbry attacks him.

 4.Jurt jurt was brought back to the breeder who said he could heal him, but it would probably take a few months cause he gotta massage its foot every day. We exchanged him for his brother. Once jurt jurt was put with his parents his mom didn't care but his dad pushed him over to eat food. SOOOOO KAWAIIIIII!!!!!! BUt unfortunately his brother isn't as affectionate. ALLLL WELLLLL!!!!! Cannot wait to see if they have babies.BElow pic of my 3 birds. THe male on the left and sisters on the right. The male is more small and different colour. We might be able to buy jurt jurt back after he has healed.fingers crossed =]=]=]]]]]]=]=]=]

 LASTLY I would like to send a shout out to my biggest fan Kat!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!